Vertical Aquaponics System use Bamboo Towers in Greenhouse to Increase Production 10x

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John from gives you a tour of a vertical aquaponics farm that is using sustainable bamboo towers to maximize production in a commercial greenhouse to grow vegetables and fish year round in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In this episode, John visits Dachnick Domes and Aquaponics, that provides commercial aquaponics solutions and shares with you four independent aquaponics systems that can grow food anywhere.

First, John will provide you an overview of the Vertical Aquaponics system sharing with you more about why the company was founded and how they will release a all-in-one aquaponics greenhouse dome kit that will be powered by the sun.

Next, John will provide an overview of the aquaponics system in this greenhouse,, and then take you on a tour of many of the different areas of the aquaponics system so you can learn how an aquaponics system works and how specifically they are using their growing space to maximize their production of the vegetable crops they are growing.

You will learn about the sustainable bamboo towers that are used to grow in the vertical space above the gravel and float beds that allow them to get 10x more production than without using the vertical space.

John will then share with you the basics of an aquaponics system and the nutrient rich water flows through the system to feed the various vegetables growing in the different areas including: gravel beds, float beds, bamboo towers and soil based containers.

You will see for yourself how food is being grown in all these different areas and some tips of specific crops that can be grown under the different situations.

You will also learn two in-line water conditioners that are being used that may help to increase the health of the vegetables and fish.

John will then take you up into the 15 foot tall cherry tomato plants to show you the abundant amount of tomatoes that are growing under this aquaponics system.

After watching this episode, you will learn more about vertical aquaponic farming and what is possible using aquaponic, aeroponic and other technologies to increase production of fruits and vegetables.

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