The Fresh Revolution: Urban Ag and Rooftop Aquaponics

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The Fresh Revolution: Urban Ag and Rooftop Aquaponics
swissnex San Francisco – swissnex San Francisco
Urban farming is an integrative initiative bridging nature and culture. Its main aim is to create an abundance of food for people living in cities by encouraging and developing gardens in underutilized spaces. The current blossoming of this practice attests to a broader community engagement striving for better health, education, policies, economy, and, most of all, a better future.Join us to explore the realities and potentials of urban farming with four experts: From the Basel-based Urban Farmers, Andreas Graber discusses aquaponics; Stephanie Goodson, of Nomad Gardens, takes on urban space issues; the City of San Francisco’s Hannah Shulman tackles policy; and UC Berkeley’s Miguel Altieri shares thoughts on agroecology. Are you ready to dig in?


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