Aquaponic Vlog 15.. How the water flows through the system & a look at the fish..

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Have had quite a few folks ask me if I could follow the water flow through the system after the new beds have been added..
We start off at the fish tank & move down from there through to the grow beds & back to the fish tank..

0:35 Fish tank
2:13 Venturi
3:13 Drain
5:51 Radial Flow filter
7:12 Bio Filter
10:46 Grow bed plumbing
13:58 Back up air system
17:00 Plants in the system

Paul Van Der Werf’s Earthan Edge for the backyarder & small commercial growers,

Earthan Edge is an offshoot from Earthan Group Pty Ltd which is the professional side of the business,

Chainsaws backup air thread on Backyard Aquaponics,

DIY Venturi

Drain fittings for fish tanks & filters,

Radial flow filter,

Setting up a grow bed & bell siphon,

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