Aquaponics Farm Grows Microgreens to Increase Profit 3x

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John from visits an Aquaponics farm in a greenhouse that has recently started growing microgreens and has increased its profits by 3x.

In this episode, you will learn more about Finca Aqua Verde, an aquaponics farm in Puerto Rico that sells at the Rincon farmers market. You will learn how they made there own Custom DIY Aquaponics System using many parts from Home Depot.

You will learn how they balance the Ph of the water without using any chemicals.

You will learn more about their unique suspended “raft” system that holds the plants above the water down below.

You will learn how growing microgreen helps them increase their profits by 3x, and produces more food faster.

You will discover how you can make a moringa smoothie for you or a high iron folia spray you can use to increase the nutrition of your other plants.

Finally, John will interview the farmer so you can learn more about the farm and farming in Puerto Rico

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
05:48 Custom Built Greenhouse
06:33 Seeding Area
07:23Durable and Food Safe Plastic Microgreens Trays
10:15 I recommend Bottom Watering for Microgreens
13:17 Don’t Make this mistake when buying net pots
14:51 Starting Lettuce in the Greenhouse
17:17 Aquaponics System
19:08 Inputs added to the Aquaponics System
19:45 How to Balance PH for aquaponics without adding chemicals
21:18 Balancing PH with Rainwater
23:18 Aquaponic floating system made from PVC
24:50 Best Variety of Hydroponic lettuce in Puerto Rico
26:15 What happens when I travel around visiting farms
27:45 Economics of Selling Locally Grown vs Imported Lettuce
28:50 Suspended System instead of Raft made from PVC Pipe
31:30 Growing Microgreens instead of Lettuce
34:20 Microgreens is your gateway crop
35:00 Cut off bad spots when you grow microgreens if not perfect
36:45 Easy to Grow Moringa Tree in the Tropics
38:38 How to Make Moringa Foliar Feed Rich in Iron
41:39 Interview with Farmer
42:00 Why did you get into farming?
42:40 Why did it take you 3 years to start growing lettuce?
43:08 Why don’t you measure PH when checking you aquaponics water?
44:00 Why are you still growing aquaponics if Microgreens are more profitable?
48:03 Why do you sell microgreens by the tray?
49:50 What are the benefits of Farming in Puerto Rico?
52:35 Why is local food important for Puerto Rico?
53:40 How did you get motivated to start an aquaponics farm?
55:35 Where can you get your microgreens, lettuce, and Kombucha?
56:30 How can someone contact you to purchase your products?
56:55 Are there any words of wisdom you want to share?

After watching this episode, you will learn more about a successful aquaponics farm that is growing microgreens as well as many tips along the way.

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