Top 12 Mistakes in Aquaponics Systems & How to Avoid them

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John from visits one of the largest aquaponics farms in the USA in Half Moon Bay, California to share with you the 12 biggest mistakes you can make in an aquaponics system and how to avoid these mistakes.

In this episode, you will learn the most important aquaponics tips from Ken Armstrong, owner, and farmer at Ouroboros Farms, an aquaponics farm in the Bay Area that has been growing vegetables and fish for the past 7 years.

You will learn some of the biggest pitfalls when growing fish and vegetables with an aquaponics system. You will learn the common areas that people can make mistakes when growing in an aquaponics system. Whether you have a backyard aquaponics set up or run a commercial aquaponics farm this is the episode you will surely want to watch.

You will discover many different aspects of aquaponics that you may have never considered to be of great importance for your success.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
02:30 Ken Armstrong Introduction
03:26 How did you learn about aquaponics
05:11 Mistake #1: Choosing the Wrong Fish
08:16 Mistake #2: Not Following Government Regulations in Your Area
10:13 Mistake #3: Not Having Proper Filtration
16:03 Mistake #4: Not Having Proper Flow Rate
20:19 Mistake #5: Choosing the Wrong Plants
23:56 Mistake #6: Improper Aeration in Plant Troughs
26:52 Mistake #7: Improper Cycling/Harvesting of Plants
30:35 Mistake #8: Improper Management of Pests and Diseases
34:42 Mistake #9: Not having the Proper Nutrient Profile for growing crops
38:42 Mistake #10: Improper Management of Ph
42:23 Mistake #11: Not focused on the Business of Aquaponics
51:51 Mistake #12: Not Balancing Your Systems Properly
55:37 How to Avoid having Aquaponics Problems from Happening
56:37 Classes at ouroboros farms
1:00:56 How to get ContactOurosboros Farms

After watching this episode, you will learn the biggest mistakes you can make with and aquaponics system and how to avoid them.

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