Aquaponic update.. Water quality, Algae bloom testing, Buffering pH & Happy fish..

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Time for a bit of an update on the water quality issues the system was having last week.. Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions & ideas on what the problem could be & how to handle it.. Was great to see that level of interest & help from online friends..

I think time was all that was needed for the cloudy water to rectify itself & I sort of stressed myself out for nothing as it wasn’t an algae bloom like I thought.. At least I got to learn a few more things about system management & in particular algae & how it can effect the system..

Would like to thank Paul from Earthan group again for taking time out of his busy schedule to give me a call & a hand in working out what was going on..
You can find his site & some helpful info here,
as well as his Face Book page here,

Will finish off the buffering filter over the next week or so & shall show you what I come up with..

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Have a great one everyone…

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