Big Aquaponic Greenhouse – Part 14 – Mineralisation Tank

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Taking a detailed look to the in-line Mineralisation Tank!

As a explanation: this is a gravity feed tank where the solids from the bottom of the radial flow settler (see previous video) work their way into the mineralisation tank automatically. Using two air lifts, the sludge solution is circulated around the tank to keep it aerated which helps to break down the solids, releasing some of the stored nutrients. Inside the stilling well, there is a hole in the “over flow” pipe which allows a small amount of water to leave the tank. This hole is set slightly lower in elevation than the weir in the radial flow settler which allows the waste and water to flow from the settler into this tank. The slow movement of water in the stilling well acts as a settler allow most of the suspended solids to stay in the tank.


Tanks are from Ace Roto-Molding. Contact them and they will send you to a local reseller.



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