Strawberry towers, aquaponic systems

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For prical vertical gardening ideas get this book: \r
Aquaponic systems are a very efficient way of using the solar energy, the decomposition of feeding matter from fish farming, the natural process in which the plants transform nutrients into clean and reusable water and the technology of hydroponic systems.\r
Regular farming is nearly impossible in condense cities where small backyards, roof tops and balconies are the only place to grow food. You can transform growing your vegetables and fish from a hobby into a self-sufficient cycle that will give you vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and many essential chemicals that the body needs. Modern living comes with a lot of technologies that are changing our life and we have to get the best of it and preserve or enrich our lives and the prolongation of our existence. So take the aquaculture or fish farming principles, the hydroponic technologies, modern living and its small spaces and some style and put them to work for you, the next time you see growing beds, fish tanks, vegetables and the sun you will be thinking about aquaponic systems.\r
To maximize the amount of production in your Aquaponic system set up, I recommend you to build vertical growing towers, this method uses literally .25 square feet of space and yet you can grow 5, 8, 12 or more plants at the same time. One time project that will serve you for the life of the system (more than a lifetime). Follow safety measures, protect your hands and keep flammable materials away, protect your ayes when cutting and remove any extra plastic left after the cuts. enjoy the video and subscribe for more.


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