DIY AQUAPONICS System for 10 Gallon Fish Tank – Part 1

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What’s up everyone, in this video i build part 1 of an indoor DIY aquaponics system for my 10 gallon fish tank! I have been interested in aquaponics for a while now and know i wanted to build an indoor DIY aquaponics system early on when i saw the price of most retail aquaponics kits. This DIY aquaponics system was built using all materials found either on Amazon or at local hardware stores and came in under $50 total!

Items Used:
Clay Pebbles/ Hydroten:
Submersible water pump:
30w grow light:
Rockwool starter cubes:
PVC pipe cutters :
Window tray box grow bed:

Update to my DIY Aquaponics fish tank system:

My DIY aquaponics system will be fueled by a colony of guppies, which will hopefully feed some aquaponic lettuce and spinach to start.

I would love to get your feedback on this DIY aquaponics system, and take a look at other DIY aquaponic systems you may have produced or seen elsewhere. Make sure to subscribe for part 2 of the DIY aquaponics system build, and the grow log to track how well the aquaponics system grows plants!

Check out part 2 of the build here:



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