Aquaponics – What I Feed My Aquaponic Goldfish

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This is the best quality fish food that I can find locally. Since I’ve switched to this food, the overall quality of my fish tank and growing beds had improved dramatically. You may notice that there are less than half of the number of fish which were previously in my system. That is due almost entirely to my being cheap when it came to feeding my fish and the end result was too much waste from too little nutrition leaving my poor fish open to basically any disease to set in because of their high stress levels. I lost as many as 3 fish in a single day which sent me to see my friend.
After introducing some new water management techniques and switching foods I saw almost immediate results, only loosing 1 more fish on the first day of the new food. The improvements in the heath of the fish and tank was overwhelming enough that I felt it was information I should share ‘with the whole class’ as it were.
So, thanks for watching and may all your gardens be bountiful!

If you do want to pick some of this up, there a link on my Blog in the ‘Spring Maintenance’ article.

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