In this video I discuss the importance of filtering solids from aquaponics systems as well as show you my swirl filter design. I will discuss how the swirl filter works and show you the effects [More]
COMPLETE Aquaponics Trough Liner Installation
Just a quick clip to show you what can happen if you don’t double check taps/pipe work on our aquaponic system after maintenance or checking out the fish.. I made a very simple & silly [More]
On a lot of land between a pizza joint and a tax services shop, Yemi Amu has transformed an abandoned concrete lot into New York City’s largest outdoor aquaponic farm. Yemi utilizes the space on [More]
Presenter: Lynn Nakamura-Tengan ___ Background Music: * RUNNING WATERS by Jason Shaw RUNNING WATERS by Jason Shaw… * Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 United States— CC BY 3.0 US… * Music promoted by [More]
We have fish at last,now the fun really begins.The fish are from and arrived well packaged and all in good condition.
Designing a new aquaponics system? Have a system already and want to make some improvements? In this video I discuss some of the things I have learned so far with my system and the changes [More]
Watch this video to learn how to properly use your API freshwater master test kit to check the water quality of your aquaponic system. Comment with any questions you have. For more info check us [More]
Have you ever grown Broccoli & Cauliflower without dirt? In Aquaponics? With Red Wigglers? Well we have. Check out this video to see our successes and our challenges. A good video for those considering growing [More]
Quick look around the farm… will try to do some more videos soon… I have been very busy building a lot of new systems here in Switzerland.. hope you enjoy the video..