To order towers or submit questions go to our new website! This system was built on the campus of John Brown University and is a research project for our senior design. It is now [More]
Website: In this update you can see how we have fixed the canal and how we check the ppm (Parts Per Million) value of the nutrients.
Watch Matti Manishi an Agricultural Education Programme by 10TV, Which Displays latest Farming Techniques, Tips by Agriculture Scientists and Experts. In Today’s Episode of Matti Manishi, Watch Special Story on Model Farmer Viswanatha Raju and [More]
An animated introduction to aquaponics part 1… This is a very wide subject, so bear with us as we try to simplify it… We try to make learning fun so enjoy! easy diy aquaponics, easy diy aquaponics review, easy diy aquaponics download, easy diy aquaponics pdf, simple diy aquaponics, easy diy aquaponics bonus, easy diy aquaponics scam, easy diy aquaponics reviews, don’t buy easy diy [More]
In this video I show you the rainbow trout that I ordered online. They are fingerlings so are about an inch long. I looked a lot online for places that I can order fish, however [More]
Finishing the Grow Towers—Water distribution to the towers and how to plant in them and the medium to be using.
Read and Download Now Download Tiny House Aquaponics Raising Fish and Growing Vegetables in Your Small Space Tiny Download Full Ebook
Time for a bit of an update on the water quality issues the system was having last week.. Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions & ideas on what the problem could be & how [More]
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