Hi Folks. Time for a bit of an aquaponic system update looking at the sick fish, how the plants in the system are going & how well a jalapeno grew in a grow pouch. Will [More]
A bit on the lengthy side, but this video explains a lot of things that a beginner would need to know. Including how to set up and adjust a Bell Syphon for optimum operation. Please [More]
quick tour of my Aquaponic setup. 329 Compliant for medical use ONLY.
LAND is OPPORTUNITY : Sustainable Harvesters Meet Matthew Braud, Co-founder of Sustainable Harvesters which was formed out of the necessity for fresh and local produce in the Houston, Texas market. Their mission, passion and commitment [More]
Have set up the Dutch Bucket style barrel beds as a bit of an experiment in growing some ginger.. Was planning on using 15L / 5 gal buckets but think we will get more production [More]
During our Hydroponic World Tour we had the chance to do a tour inside the best Aquaponic Farm in California: Ouroboros Farm. Visite their website : www.ouroborosfarms.com It was so interesting to see an actual [More]
Aquaponic Update | Deep Water Culture, College of Aquaponics & More G’Day Folks. Has been a long time coming but it looks like we’ll have some deep water culture (DWC) beds set up in the [More]
In this video I show you how to build an overflow drain for an aquaponics system. This is on my 300 gallon fish tank. The water flow from my pump was to strong, so in [More]
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