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TOUR one of the largest AQUAPONIC Farms in Texas. 🐟 + 🌿= 🀠 Sustainable Harvesters has over 12,000 square feet of environmentally controlled greenhouse that has the capacity to grow over 7,000 heads of lettuce [More]
What’s up everyone, in this video i build part 1 of an indoor DIY aquaponics system for my 10 gallon fish tank! I have been interested in aquaponics for a while now and know i [More]
The video is intended to provided a secret insight on diy vs high class aquaponics. Those of you that are just getting started or have never built an aquaponics system will benefit greatly from this [More]
G’Day Folks. We’ve finally have some FISH!! In this clip, I run through how we moved the new fish & what the feed rates we’re using for the Jade perch. Also included a quick look [More]
Update! Things are growing, as expected. Buble is feeding the cayenne pepper, lettuce, cannabis and basil as much as he can. Subscribe, like, share! These led grow lights are doing a great job! Full spectrum [More]
It’s no fish tale; farming fish can help grow plants. Researchers at University of New Hampshire are working on an aquaponics farming project that aims to provide a model for integrating land-based aquaculture systems with [More]
How to build a chop and flip, flood and drain, ebb and flow, aquaponics or hydroponics system from an IBC. Hoocho walks us through how to build a chop and flip flood and drain ebb [More]
In this video I go into more depth on the way my aquaponics systems plumbing works. So I just show you the different size pipes and how everything is connected.