This is a short clip of some of the growth that’s been recorded of these Redclaw crayfish growing in Tones’ Backyard. They are only fed the leaves of some of the plants I’ve grown myself [More]
Aquaponics – The New Way of Growing Plants – Fast
Aquaponics upgrade – A better bell siphon
This is the best quality fish food that I can find locally. Since I’ve switched to this food, the overall quality of my fish tank and growing beds had improved dramatically. You may notice that [More]
Take a 5 minute tour of the Aquaponic System Greenhouse at the Mental Health Center of Denver’s Dahlia Campus.
Eric Maundu wants to put fish farming in every kitchen, or more specifically, he has created a smart aquaponics system that can be flat packed and set up as easily as IKEA furniture. He’s also [More]
So, I went back to my friend Tod’s place in North Carolina to help him build his commercial aquaponic system. We got a really good start on the build and he should be finishing it [More]
Want to find out how to Grow plants with Aquaponics. Best Grow system. A startling 30-40 % of cancers cells are directly connected to poor diet regimen and associated factors, according to a report [More]
Water quality refers not only pH, EC, turbidity, carbonates, etc., but all of those things in combination. Most aquaponicists think that if you line all of the variables up (media, plants, fish, microbes), then everything [More]
Attended the Aquaponic Training Course between 4th – 8th October, 2010. Also see 2012 Feed your family with Aquaponics in YouTube.