This is my Harbor Freight 10×12 Greenhouse with a IBC tote Aquaponic system. I’ve detailed modifications to the greenhouse and the aquaponic set up.
At Green Acre, we’ve started a farm revolution with aquaponics. Check out why “we aquaponic” and why we think everyone should join us!
Just a quick look at how the water flows from the fish tank to the radial flow filter & then onto the grow beds.. This is a basic “Constant height In Fish Tank, Pump In [More]
Solids lifting outlets are used by many people to remove the fish solids from the base of fish tanks. They are very easy to build using simple off the shelf parts from the plumbing aisle [More]
Most of my videos on aquaponics focus on how much I am learning about it and how excited I am. A few people have wondered what the down side of this aquaponic thing must be. [More]
Aquaponic System FAQ | Does it Take a Lot of Work | How long Does The Pump Run & MORE G’Day Folks. I get asked a lot of questions about building & running a small [More]
hey everyone, in this short video i show myself harvesting the very first cauliflower ready to be picked from the aquaponics set up. i can do a comparison in a few weeks comparing soil garden [More]
Reducing Salt Levels – The Plants Aren’t Happy Aquaponic Update Hi folks. Have lost a few plants & others are starting to look a bit sickly in aquaponics. This is due to increased sodium levels [More]
經過試驗\r1.水流不該流到礫石.會變化糞池\r2.下池太小潮汐作用會過分影響水位差\r3.如果因雜物影響潮汐裝置 無法啟動 反而會造成植物死亡\r因此建議\r1.魚糞水流應先過濾再進入上池 .根系與溶氧無法負荷過量糞便\r2.魚糞可利用空氣中高氧 來分解 不應留在水中\r\r都市小陽台複合養殖(Aquaponics)生活\r生活在都市大樓的朋友在家,能夠出來透透氣的地方,可能只有陽台。因此如何利用陽台來生產蔬果又能夠養魚、種花是很多人的夢。因此水水世界特別規劃了一座複合養殖陽台系統提供大家參觀。\r陽台地上可養金魚,平台床架可種菜種花,瓜架上可種番茄小黃瓜。是一個在都會小空間陽台立體運用的新體驗。希望大家都有水水世界生態生活的新體驗。\r潮汐管製作\r進水馬達是28W瓦的沉水馬達-接4分軟管上到上槽\r回流管是1吋管上方接1轉2吋管大小接頭-鋸最高的水位高\r套上3吋管及管帽\r希望到達逆轉的水位鋸出管口進氣-啟動虹吸作用\r3吋管也鋸一些進水孔讓上池污物到下池\r經過試驗\r1.水流不該流到礫石.會變化糞池\r2.下池太小潮汐作用會過分影響水位差\r3.如果因雜物影響潮汐裝置 無法啟動 反而會造成植物死亡\r因此建議\r1.魚糞水流應先過濾再進入上池 .根系與溶氧無法負荷過量糞便\r2.魚糞可利用空氣中高氧 來分解 不應留在水中
With the high temperatures we have been having the water in the fish tank has been slowly rising to the 30°C/86°F mark… This is outside the comfort range of the Jade perch & I was [More]