In this video, Dr. Nate Storey of Bright Agrotech introduces the basics of aquaponic plant nutrients. See more here: This is the first video in a series that will delve into the specifics of [More]
I discovered some crazy mint suckers, and thought I should share. Let this be a warning on growing mint in your Aquaponics system! Add me on Facebook if you want to see what’s coming up, [More]
DOWNLOAD our Aqauponics E-Book, “Step by Step Aquaponics” – Download today our material that will walk you through the entire process of building 2 different systems and a greenhouse. 88-page E-book featuring: Over 300 photos; [More]
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quick tour of my Aquaponic setup. 329 Compliant for medical use ONLY.
A bit on the lengthy side, but this video explains a lot of things that a beginner would need to know. Including how to set up and adjust a Bell Syphon for optimum operation. Please [More]
Hi Folks. Time for a bit of an aquaponic system update looking at the sick fish, how the plants in the system are going & how well a jalapeno grew in a grow pouch. Will [More]
Aquaponics System Design Mistakes | Don’t Copy Me G’Day Folks. This clip runs through some of the issues I had with our Aquaponics system & how I’d rectify them. Subscribe Here ► if you [More]
In this video we will watch the construction of the new aquaponic grow beds for the lanes we just reconfigured/built. Pond liner is from half off ponds. SUBSCRIBE: SUPPORT: WATCH MORE OF [More]