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In this video, Bright Agrotech’s Co-Founder and vertical aquaponic expert, Dr. Nate Storey, discusses the importance of sump tanks with aquaponics & hydroponics. Learn more about sumps here:
How To Grow Gingers in Aquaponics | Ginger Galangal & Turmeric G’Day Folks. I’ve grown some fantastic ginger & turmeric crops in the aquaponic system over the years. Today I thought I’d share with you [More]
A 10 minute video showing you how to build an aquaponic system using one barrel, you can find step by step instructions on our website here:
If you’re an aquaponic producer, or if you’re thinking about getting into aquaponics, you’ll need to consider dissolved oxygen levels in your system. In this video, Nate Storey, Co-Found of Bright Agrotech, gives a brief [More]
In this video, Dr. Nate Storey of Bright Agrotech discusses the proper way to add epsom salt to your aquaponics system. Learn more at: Free key: email us! chris(at)brightagrotech(dot)com Magnesium is Commonly Deficient in [More]
Find more info here: In this video, Dr. Nate Storey outlines some of the best controls suitable for aquaponic production. See more on Nate is the Co-Founder of Bright Agrotech, a leader in [More]
G’Day Folks. Some “gurus” will tell you that compost worms will process the all the solids in the grow beds. I think this clip will help to set the record straight. 😉👍 You can check [More]
In this video I show you the crayfish I got for my aquaponics system Mating. A very simple video Males vs Females Males have an extra pair of swimmerets ( the small legs in the [More]