Hi Folks. Here’s a quick explanation of how the bell siphon, grow beds & pipe work went together. No doubt it will be tweaked & other bits added over time. Is great to gave the [More]
G’day Folks. The new Aquaponics system is up & running so thought I’d give you a bit of a gander. Will be posting a few followup clips looking at how the filters were made as [More]
Today I show you how I harvest, gut, filet & cook my aquaponic trout. OFERA – organic food era Blog | Webshop | Consulting | Components http://www.ofera-aquaponics.com http://www.facebook.com/organicfoodera http://www.instagram.com/organicfoodera
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Time for a bit of an update on the water quality issues the system was having last week.. Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions & ideas on what the problem could be & how [More]
Hi folks. Here’s a quick look at the chop & flip aquaponic system dad & I set up at his place a few weeks back. The IBC used for this build was slightly different to [More]
John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ visits one of the largest aquaponics farms in the USA in Half Moon Bay, California to share with you the 12 biggest mistakes you can make in an aquaponics system and how [More]
Thinking about starting your own aquaponics system? You’ll need to plumb it in correctly to see maximum yields and grow lots of food. This is the first video in a series on plumbing with aquaponics. [More]
Cheap & Easy $40 AQUAPONICS / LARGE SCALE DIY How-To Barrelponics. This is Aquaponics Made Easy! Home Aquaponics or Backyard Aquaponics set up. Use this in Indoor aquaponics!! Parts List 4 AQUAPONICS SET UP 2x [More]