The video was filmed in December 2014 in an aquaponics project located along Cairo-Alexandria Desert road in Egypt. These tilapia grow-out tanks are a component of a larger integrated and aquaponics project. Nile tilapia, Oreochromis [More]
A quick look at the composting worms in the aquaponic grow beds.. They are a very useful addition as they help to break down waste further into plant friendly nutriments.. Subscribe Here► Would be [More]
Mini Aquaponic System- Growing Carrots in my Backyard Aquaponic system
In this video I show you the two floating raft grow beds that I have in my aquaponics system. I show you how I cut the Styrofoam rafts to put into the grow beds. It [More]
G’Day Folks. Have had a number of folks wanting to know what is involved maintenance wise when running an aquaponics system so thought I’d give you a basic run through what I do & the [More]
Was asked by a few people what we do with the water that comes from the radial flow filter so here you go 🙂 As the water is very rich in nutrients it would be [More]
This is a short clip of some of the growth that’s been recorded of these Redclaw crayfish growing in Tones’ Backyard. They are only fed the leaves of some of the plants I’ve grown myself [More]
This is the best quality fish food that I can find locally. Since I’ve switched to this food, the overall quality of my fish tank and growing beds had improved dramatically. You may notice that [More]