Want to find out how to Grow plants with Aquaponics. Best Grow system. https://gumroad.com/products/FZlLr/edit# A startling 30-40 % of cancers cells are directly connected to poor diet regimen and associated factors, according to a report [More]
Attended the Aquaponic Training Course between 4th – 8th October, 2010. Also see 2012 Feed your family with Aquaponics in YouTube.
Aquaponics combines raising fish and growing plants in water without soil, and a food bank in the Greater Toronto Area is using it to grow fresh produce locally. »»» Subscribe to The National to watch [More]
Our Friends from Tanzania and Benin get to tour our two Aquaponics systems in Kenya. You get to appreciate the variety of crops you can grow with Aquaponics. To learn more, visit our website, www.grandeurafrica.com
This instructional video explains the steps for building a raft or floating aquaponic system
Want to know how to build your own aquaponic grow beds? In this video we will watch the construction of the new aquaponic grow beds for the lanes we just reconfigured/built. Pond liner is from [More]
G’Day Folks. In this clip I’m answering a few questions like what testing equipment I use, do you need to add bacteria to “cycle” a system, solids filter placement & pipework levels. Hope the clip [More]
Aquaponic systems Floating raft construction
In this video I just up date you on the crayfish that I have in my aquaponic system. They are located in one of my deep water culture grow beds (floating raft grow bed). They [More]