Backyard aquaponics can be made easy in a few simple steps. If you are looking for a faster way to grow vegetables, all you really need is a quality aquaponics design. This will allow you [More]
I grew some aquaponic celery this year in my greenhouse. It turned out really good and I wanted to show how well it actually did. It seems celery takes well to aquaponics or hydroponics. It [More]
A lecture by Matej Leskovec (Ponika, Slovenia) at the COST Action FA1305 training school on ‘Essential Aquaponics’ (Slovenia, June 2015). Filmed and produced by Oliver Halsey. #aquaponics #aquaculture #aquaponic #urbanfarming #fishfarming #fishmanagement #hydroponics #foodmanagement #fishproduction [More]
(12 Oct 2015) LEAD IN: Urban farmers in the Philippines are discovering the art of aquaponics to bring life to city spaces. The project in Manila lets city dwellers produce fresh fruit and vegetables and [More]
This is my Harbor Freight 10×12 Greenhouse with a IBC tote Aquaponic system. I’ve detailed modifications to the greenhouse and the aquaponic set up.
Just a quick look at how the water flows from the fish tank to the radial flow filter & then onto the grow beds.. This is a basic “Constant height In Fish Tank, Pump In [More]
Solids lifting outlets are used by many people to remove the fish solids from the base of fish tanks. They are very easy to build using simple off the shelf parts from the plumbing aisle [More]
Most of my videos on aquaponics focus on how much I am learning about it and how excited I am. A few people have wondered what the down side of this aquaponic thing must be. [More]