hey everyone, in this short video i show myself harvesting the very first cauliflower ready to be picked from the aquaponics set up. i can do a comparison in a few weeks comparing soil garden [More]
Reducing Salt Levels – The Plants Aren’t Happy Aquaponic Update Hi folks. Have lost a few plants & others are starting to look a bit sickly in aquaponics. This is due to increased sodium levels [More]
With the high temperatures we have been having the water in the fish tank has been slowly rising to the 30°C/86°F mark… This is outside the comfort range of the Jade perch & I was [More]
Informative video over the Aquaponics System and Fish Farm at the Shadow of His Wings Orphanage in Monjas, Guatemala. Information regarding how to setup a tilapia fish farm Music by Anthony Greninger https://www.youtube.com/user/AnthonySymphony
In this video, Dr. Nate Storey of Bright Agrotech discusses how phosphorus works in aquaponic systems. (http://brightagrotech.com/phosphorus-in-aquaponics/)
Aquaponic Flaw – Mango Harvest – Solarising Pests – Chook Pen + MORE G’Day Folks. This weeks vlog update is looking at another mango harvest, a flaw in …
I planted some bell peppers in my aquaponic system:) It is a little different then how you would plant in soil because you need to get all soil off before you put it in your [More]
A 10 minute video showing you how to build an aquaponic system using one barrel, you can find step by step instructions on our website here: http://www.backyardaquaponics.com/systems/barrel-systems/ibarrel-aquaponic-system-1/
In this video I show you the crayfish I got for my aquaponics system Mating. A very simple video Males vs Females Males have an extra pair of swimmerets ( the small legs in the [More]
Weekly updates of my mini system. 60 days of growth & a leaf lettuce harvest. My Backyard Aquaponics system, with my first attempt at growing carrots in Aquaponics. Great DIY Beginners system. If you want [More]