This is a short clip of some of the growth that’s been recorded of these Redclaw crayfish growing in Tones’ Backyard. They are only fed the leaves of some of the plants I’ve grown myself [More]
In this video I just up date you on the crayfish that I have in my aquaponic system. They are located in one of my deep water culture grow beds (floating raft grow bed). They [More]
So hey guys:) My friend Dave sent me some crayfish/crawdads to add to my aquaponics system! I wanted to get some to start taking care of unwanted snails and to also eat proteins that the [More]
In this video I show you the crayfish I got for my aquaponics system Mating. A very simple video Males vs Females Males have an extra pair of swimmerets ( the small legs in the [More]
In this video I show you the baby crayfish that I was able to breed, in my aquaponics system. It is easier for them to survive in my aquaponic system because they have a large [More]