Documentary cover on Al Arfan Aquaponic Farm by Murray Hallam and Frank Gapinski. The is one of top 3 farms in the Middle East and Largest venture of its kind in Oman. Best Commercial Aquaponics System Design, Commercial Aquaponics Australia, Aquaponics Farm
John from goes on a field trip to Sustainable Harvesters, one of the largest commercial aquaponic farms in texas. You will discover how they are able to grow 7000 heads of lettuce a week [More]
LAND is OPPORTUNITY : Sustainable Harvesters Meet Matthew Braud, Co-founder of Sustainable Harvesters which was formed out of the necessity for fresh and local produce in the Houston, Texas market. Their mission, passion and commitment [More]
During our Hydroponic World Tour we had the chance to do a tour inside the best Aquaponic Farm in California: Ouroboros Farm. Visite their website : It was so interesting to see an actual [More]
Melons, Fruit Trees & Aquaponics – Backyard Farm & Aquaponics Update Hey folks. Wasn’t able to finish editing this weeks planned clip due to hardware issues so decided to film a quick update for you [More]