Aquaponics System in a Retractable Roof Greenhouse in Florida.wmv
This is my aquaponic greenhouse I made from scratch. I have a gravel bed system, and a floating raft system, also known as deep water culture attached to the same fish tank. There is a [More]
Quick tour of my aquaponics and the exotic trees growing in the aquaponics system such as: Sugar Cane, Dragon Fruit and Coconuts to name a few.
Aquaponics Time Lapse – greenhouse installation
This is my Harbor Freight 10×12 Greenhouse with a IBC tote Aquaponic system. I’ve detailed modifications to the greenhouse and the aquaponic set up.
Here are all the details about installing a radial flow settler (RFS), sometimes called a radial flow filter (RFF) TOP CONTRIBUTORS: Tanks are from Ace Roto-Molding. Contact them and they [More]
My friend Martin built an aquaponics greenhouse for the non-profit he works with, Ecolife Conservation. He’s built some incredible aquaponics systems in the past, but I think this is my favorite one of his. In [More]
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Taking a deep dive into the details of the deep water culture grow bed TOP CONTRIBUTORS: MORE ABOUT THE FARM