Viridis Aquaponics Growers, California’s largest Aquaponics farm build out in time-lapse. Here we see Jon Parr lead the construction of a very small part of the huge Aquaponics greenhouses he designed in Watsonville, California. Record [More]
Located in the heart of Bangalore off Bannerghatta road, Madhavi farms is India’s largest commercial Aquaponic farm. Know more about us at :
Al Arfan Aquaponic Farm, Oman’s largest commercial venture covered on a media segment by Media One and aired during the Mid East Hour
FarmedHere Grand Opening: The World’s Largest Aquaponics System
Madhavi Organic Farms An Intro to the business concept of India’s largest Aquaponic farm located in middle of Bengaluru, Karnataka. Production Credits: Frank Gapinski and Murray Hallam
A great video showing what Jon Parr did at Viridis Aquaponics and his vision for Schoolgrown Aquaponics. Bringing Aquaponics greenhouses to schools and students. See what they are up to at We are a [More]
Documentary cover on Al Arfan Aquaponic Farm by Murray Hallam and Frank Gapinski. The is one of top 3 farms in the Middle East and Largest venture of its kind in Oman.
LAND is OPPORTUNITY : Sustainable Harvesters Meet Matthew Braud, Co-founder of Sustainable Harvesters which was formed out of the necessity for fresh and local produce in the Houston, Texas market. Their mission, passion and commitment [More]