Gina Cavaliero from Green Acres Organics explains how she built a micro aquaponics system before going commercial.
DIY Aquaponics System for Small Space
We built this system on our Aquaponics plant tunnel as we had some space to spare.. The system uses only a 100 watt airpump to lift water to a height of 1.3 metres. Everything else [More]
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Aquaponics Go Commercial Start Small
In under 15 minutes, Roe demonstrates how to assemble one of the small aquaponic systems sold at The King’s Roost. You can keep goldfish or small tilapia in the lower tank; their waste will feed [More] Best Small Aquaponics Systems Aquaponics Systems, Commercial Aquaponics System Best Aquaponics Systems, Aquaponics System, Buy Aquaponics System, Small Aquaponics System