Mini Aquaponic System- Growing Carrots in my Backyard Aquaponic system
In this video I show you the two floating raft grow beds that I have in my aquaponics system. I show you how I cut the Styrofoam rafts to put into the grow beds. It [More]
G’Day Folks. Have had a number of folks wanting to know what is involved maintenance wise when running an aquaponics system so thought I’d give you a basic run through what I do & the [More]
This instructional video explains the steps for building a raft or floating aquaponic system
Are you a fish person who knows the hobby really well but is interested in incorporating an aquaponics system to it? This is exactly what I did to control Nitrates and create a better environment [More]
G’Day Folks. Took a trip out to a mate’s scaled back commercial aquaponics farm to help him clean out a grow bed through the week. Allan was kind enough to let me do a quick [More]
G’Day Folks. In this clip I’m answering a few questions like what testing equipment I use, do you need to add bacteria to “cycle” a system, solids filter placement & pipework levels. Hope the clip [More]
Join us in the Grow Lab as Sylvia breaks down water testing, starting this week with pH testing. The API test kit is a great one to have and we’ve got them at The Aquaponic [More]
Here is a quick overview of the DIY small scale aquaponics build. This system features two 1 gallon tanks for the fish and grow system and a Sansi LED grow light for the plants. A [More]
How To Make Homemade PVC Pipe Aquaponics System Very Easily and Cheap Watch: What is Aquaponics System? Difference Between Hydroponics and Aquaponics (Urdu with English sub): #Aquaponics #Homemade #DIY #GoGreen Host/Maker : Wahab Shah/ [More]