Aquaponics can be confusing, especially since there are 3 totally different types of systems you can build. In this video, I break down each system, giving pros and cons for each. Helpful aquaponic resources: Books- [More]
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Aquaponic systems coconut fiber net cups setup Check out the DIY aquaponics guide to build your own at home. Make an aquaponic system for the inside of your house or for your backyard.
For prical vertical gardening ideas get this book: \rAquaponic systems are a very efficient way of using the solar energy, the decomposition of feeding matter from fish farming, the natural process in which the plants [More] Indoor aquaponic systems. Learn how you can build your own at aquaponic building dot com
Click here for more information. This video is all about Proven aquaponics systems design, also aquaponics made easy and aquaponics setup.
Growing Herbs Using Aquaponics: Chives with Bright Agrotech’s Dr. Nate Storey. In this video Nate explains why growing herbs like chives in your aquaponic system is a no-brainer. See what else grows at
We will show you how we lower and raise pH in new Aquaponics Systems. The key to having healthy fish and vegetables in Aquaponics is having a good stable pH in your Aquaponics system. This [More]
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